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People usually back out from a trip thinking it is very tiresome and mainstream. Many numbers of days mean more luggage plus the money factor. This could be one among the few reasons why people restrict themselves to go on travel. It is essential that journey should be made easy. Here are some brilliant tips to keep in mind when someone comes with a new travel plan the next time!

Your backpack matters.

Always prefer a trolley (it would be easier to pull a trolley along with you) or a backpack over a suitcase. If your trip is for more than two days, your suitcase would be cumbersome and difficult to carry around. At the same time, do not load your backpack with too many things. Just carry the essentials what you would require. Always carry your backpack before your trip to check if you are comfortable with the backpack and it is not too heavy. Buy a backpack made of a water-resistant material. It should comprise of lockable zippers multiple compartments to keep your things, padded shoulder straps, a very good padded hip belt and lastly a padded back. Make sure that your backpack is proportional to your body. It should be just the right size your body would be able to balance. Never pack your backpacks in full. Leave extra space as you would want to buy some things on your travel. The lighter your backpack is, the easier it would be to carry around. A small backpack would also be allowed in an airplane.

Mode of travel.

Make sure the first thing you do is, get a bus pass or a train pass to travel around the city. This is one of the many cost cut technique. Only the initial mode of payment has to be made. After which you are good to travel anywhere in that Country/city. Try to walk short distance instead of depending on a cab. A train ride would also get a nice scenic view of the entire city.

Tourist traps.


Try to avoid any tourist traps. Observe a new place very carefully. Eat where the local people eat and buy things only after you are clear about the cost. Try to identify eat out joints or shops that might offer a discount.

Travel with a group.

Travel with a group is important as it involves sharing of costs as well as duties. Always be careful of pickpockets. Carry only the essential money with you. If possible, try to avoid any gold ornaments when you travel.

Food and Stay

Try to camp out. This will save a lot of money. Make sure that the hostel you decide to stay at would have a kitchen. This way, most of the basic cooking can be done yourself. If your trip involves a lot of adventure activities like the hike in a forest, then carry the ample number of nutrient bars with you.

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