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There remain many parts of the world that is yet to be explored. Many destinations around the world turn into a must visit the place during the summers. Here are the top five destinations for your next summer trip that you might want to consider.

Zermatt in Switzerland.

Switzerland is a beautiful Country, and also a must visit place for adventure enthusiasts! Zermatt in Switzerland is a small town in the Swiss Alps. The town is a haven mainly for hiking. Skiing and mountaineering are also a must try sport here. Matterhorn peak is regarded as one of the prettiest hills in the world. Zermatt lies amongst the foothills of Matterhorn. The Matterhorn Museum, Schwarzsee Lake are the major tourist attractions of the place. The ride on the Gornergrat railway is one of the prettiest scenic trails in the world. The best time to visit Zermatt is from June to September.

Paros, Greece.

Paros is known for its beaches and its traditional villages. The Aegean Sea in Paros is simply one of the fancy islands in the world. The Kolombithres beach, Golden beach, Agia Irini are splendid with turquoise blue waters. The entire city would be painted in white! The Archeological Museum, butterfly valley, Frankish castle makes the place. The best time to visit Paros, Greece is from mid-April to mid-June.

Seychelles, East Africa.

Seychelles comprises of a cluster of over 115 islands. The water is crystal clear with serene palm trees lined up on its shore. The sunsets in East African beaches are quite a sight to see. The beaches in Seychelles are perfect heaven indeed. Most of the Beaches in Seychelles consists of white sand. Snorkeling in Seychelles Lake is a major tourist attraction. Mornne Seychellois, Bicentennial Monument, Anse Lazio Beach, Reserves of Vallee de Mai are worth it! This is a must travel destination. April to May and October to November are the best time to visit Seychelles.

Hoi An In Vietnam.

Hoi An in Vietnam is a vibrant city filled with love. The entire town is vibrant, joyful and is wrapped in different culture and traditions. The architecture in Hoi An is breathtaking and splendid! The city is known for its love for food. Cycling tour in Hoi An helps one to enjoy the scenic beauty and the architecture. Hoi An is one of the ancient towns in Vietnam. The Quan Cong temple, Japanese Covered bridge, Museum of trade etc. are some of the must-visit destinations. February to May is the best time to visit Vietnam.


Bali, Indonesia.

If you are a beach lover, then Bali is your place! Bali is known as the backpacker’s haven. The beaches there, of course, is a major attraction. Its Reefs, blend of lakes and mountains, volcanoes, temples are what makes the city beautiful! Bali has a vibrant nightlife. May to July is the best time to visit Bali.

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